Choose a piano lesson!

Group Piano Lesson

Learn songs together

Piano Lessons Atlanta, Snellville

Music Theory and Composition

Piano Stone Mountain, Lithonia

Learning with games

Piano Lessons Lilburn, Lawrenceville

Music Theory

Piano Class for kids Atlanta

Learn piano with friends

Piano Teacher Snellville

Stay engaged with games

Group Lessons

Kids will meet new friends and make music together.


Lessons infuse singing, games, and of course, PRACTICE!


Small group lessons are perfect for children who are just starting on their musical journey, older beginners to intermediate students, homeschoolers, and children with special needs that may want addition social interactions.  


Deluxe Lessons

Deluxe Lessons give children the freedom to move at their own pace.

Students receive one-on-one lessons with the teacher, theory lab, and keyboard lab

These lessons are great for students progressing pianist, children that may moves faster than a group, or children that may need to take some extra time on a subject.


Deluxe Piano Lesson Atlanta

Semi-Private Piano Lesson

Deluxe Piano Lesson Lilburn

Music Theory Lab

Deluxe Piano Lesson Lithonia

Keyboard Lab

Piano Lesson

1-on-1 Instruction

Piano Lessons Atlanta

Individualized theory and learning games to fit the child's needs

awesome girl playing piano

Music Composition

Private Lessons

Private lessons focus on flute or piano one-on-one instruction with the teacher.  


These lessons are great for advancing students beyond what they may be learning in a band class, group lessons or piano class.  


Private lessons are taught on all levels and work well with beginners that are looking to advance quickly, intermediate students who may have surpassed the class, advanced students or students with special needs.


Daycare Lessons

Conveniently located right in your childcare center these classes are a perfect after-school extra curricular activity without the hassle of driving children to activities.  

Classes are offered once a week after school in select childcare centers in DeKalb and Gwinnett County.  Space is limited.



1-on-1 Instruction


Individualized theory and learning games to fit the child's needs


Music Composition