Group Lessons

Small group lessons are perfect for children who are just starting on their musical journey, older beginners to intermediate students, home-schoolers, and children with special needs that may want addition social interactions.  

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When children start off in group piano lessons, they tend to learn more, LOVE LEARNING, and stick with playing longer!


21st Century Learning: Each student receives free access to the award winning piano app Piano Maestro.  This is a guided practice app that goes from the most basic lessons to full songs.  


Just like sports, band, scouts or almost everything else children love to participate in, they love being with other kids


Kids love lessons that are infused with songs, games, and of course,practice.

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For your convenience, parents and students will have 24 hr access to lesson notes, attendance and lesson information through the website Log-in

Unique Performance opportunities throughout the community.

No offense to "Grandma Mildred the private piano teacher" but these lessons are plain 'ole FUN! Kids actually look forward to making music with an energetic teacher and kids their own age!


$40 registration Fee (books and materials)