Deluxe Lessons

-Deluxe Lessons give children the freedom to move at their own pace.

-Students receive one-on-one lessons with the teacher, theory lab, and keyboard lab

-These lessons are great for progressing pianist, children that may move faster than a group, or children that may need some extra help.

-Parents and students will have 24 hr access to lesson notes, attendance and lesson information through the website Log-in

-Each student will receive a free access to the award winning piano app Piano Maestro.

-Students will have opportunities to perform in the community.

-Students are invited to perform in recitals and attend the end of the year awards ceremony.

-Students will receive an invitation for the annual Music The Wright Way Christmas party!


$40 materials fee for initial sign-up

Deluxe Piano Lesson Atlanta

Private Piano Lesson

Deluxe Piano Lesson Lilburn

Music Theory Lab

Deluxe Piano Lesson Lithonia

Keyboard Lab